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Propane Energy Solutions offers a variety of services to meet your propane needs

Free Changeovers

Propane Energy Solutions offers these services to anyone currently using propane and wishing to make the switch. We make the transition as seamless a possible. Come home to a new tank; we do everything on our end.

  • 420lb: 33” diameter x 5’ high
  • 500 USWG: 10’ length x 3’ high
    (most common sized for residential primary used)
  • 1000 gal: 16’ length x 3’ high
  • 2000 gal: 22’ length x 4’ high

Residential Services

Millions of households across Canada use propane for their residential needs. No matter what propane application your home requires, PES provides all your residential requirements. Qualified personnel work with each customer to source the right equipment for your home. Our timely, flexible delivery service ensures that your home will never run out of propane.

  • Home Heating

  • Water Heating

  • Cooking Appliances

  • Fireplaces

  • Barbecuing

  • Pool Heating

PES also offers sales of propane appliances including furnaces, hot water heaters, fridges, stoves, barbecues and fireplaces to name a few through our contractor network . Our licensed gas fitters can provide the expert advice and installation for all of your residential needs.

We strongly believe in a local solution, and are proud to work with:

Guaranteed Pricing

Lock in your price!

Protect yourself from winter gas price spikes. Call us for details, especially helpful for customers who receive multiple winter deliveries. Account must be kept current to participate in this offer.

Commercial & Industrial Services

Dependability is an essential part of every business. Propane Energy Solutions strives to provide prompt, dependable service to keep your forklifts running, your appliances cooking, and your employees warm.

  • Temporary Construction Heating

  • Commercial Cooking Appliances

  • Shop Heating

  • Forklift Cylinder Exchange

  • Water Heating


Propane Energy Solutions offers a myriad of training certificates to meet and exceed your company’s or single work related propane certification requirements.

Everything, from the usage of propane torches, connecting and disconnecting propane bottles to maintenance and repairs of construction heaters, Transportation of Dangerous Goods with WHMIS.

Payment Options

Propane Energy Solutions offers the following programs: